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My child is about to transition into adulthood; what should we consider at this time and who can support us?

There are many considerations during an individual with ASD’s transition into adulthood. Some of the areas include: Education At age 18, the individual with ASD will have the option of continuing until age 22 in receiving school transition services. This determination will be make during the IEP Transition Meeting. For more information about transition options in the educational system, contact Parents Reaching Out at (800) 524-5176 or (505) 247-0192. If the individual plans to attend college, they can seek support from the college’s office of accessibility. They would need to have a 504 from the high school and meet the […]

How can I find out about possible summer activities available for my child?

The Recreational Program at the Autism Programs can offer fun community activities that provide inclusive social-recreational programs for adolescents and adults with ASD. Examples include (but are not limited to): Drumming, Tick Talk, Yoga, Archery, Fishing. Some of the ongoing programs are Just For Kicks Martial Arts, Theatre-in-the-Making, and Adaptive Kayaking. For more information about these programs and others, contact (800) 270-1861. The New Mexico Autism Society offer community activities for teenagers, adults with ASD, and their families. For more information about The New Mexico Autism Society call (505) 332-0306. At your child’s IEP, you can ask to discuss the […]