The Inside View: The Importance of Accessing the Community

Presenters: Kristina Martinez, Rhea Riley, and Lauriann King Host: Lauriann King Length- 18:18 Kristina Martinez talks with Rhea Riley and Lauriann King about how belonging in a community is a critical factor in quality of life, and a basic human right.  They discuss the barriers that individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families experience, and practical ideas for confronting these complex challenges.  We welcome you to join our podcast as we share our insights, experiences, and hope for a more inclusive society. Resources & References

Accessing the Community: Resources & References

Resources for Accessing the Community Americans with Disabilities Act Autism Family and Provider Resource Team Elevate the Spectrum Vanderbuilt Kennedy Center, Dr. Erik Carter, PhD: Belonging References Carter, E., Swedeen, B., Walter, M. C. M., & Moss, C. K. (2012). “I Don’t Have to Do This by Myself?” Parent-Led Community Conversations to Promote Inclusion. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 37(1), 9–23. Condeluci, A. (1995). Interdependence: The route to community. CRC Press. Dimakos, C., Kamenetsky, S. B., Condeluci, A., Curran, J., Flaherty, P., Fromknecht, J., … & Williams, J. (2016). Somewhere to live, something to do, someone to love: […]