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How can I find out about activities available for my child in my area?

The Autism Family & Provider Resource Team can help! For a list of activities and services throughout the state for you and your family, please contact them at 505-272-1852 or toll free at 1-800-270-1861, or email them at The New Mexico Autism Society offer community activities for teenagers, adults with ASD, and their families.For more information about The New Mexico Autism Society call (505) 332-0306. At your child’s IEP, you can ask to discuss the possibility of extended school year services and the IEP team will make this determination. Your child’s teacher will need to take data prior to […]

As an adult with autism where can I find more information about community opportunities such as advocacy, recreational programs, and other resources?

How can I learn about being a self advocate? The New Mexico Center for Self Advocacy is a program with the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Council, located in Albuquerque, that helps individuals with developmental disabilities meet, organize, work, and train others. Their goal is to support people to be empowered, make their own decisions, speak up for themselves and others, and take control of their own lives. They also endeavor to create awareness about disability issues and achieving maximum independence and quality of life.For more information, you can visit the Center for Self Advocacy Website or contact (505) 841-4571. The […]