How do I know what services would be best for my child?

When you are trying to determine what services are best for your child, you might consider the following:

Q: What does the report from my child’s evaluation say? 

A: If the evaluation is recent (in the past year), you can refer to the list of recommendations from the evaluation team or from a qualified professional that knows your child.

Q: What do the therapeutic professionals that see my child recommend? Do I know about Evidenced based practices? 

A: It can be helpful to be familiarize yourself with evidence based practices for children with autism.  Evidence based practices are interventions that research has determined to be effective for children with ASD.  You can find more information about evidence-based practices at The National Professional Development Center on Autism

Q: I know what services I am looking for, but how can I find the local resources or know how to navigate the service system? 

A: In New Mexico, you can call the Autism Family and Provider Resource Team at (800) 270-1861 or (505) 272-1852.