Autism Portal provides resources, online training, and podcasts specific to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

My child is under the age of 3 years old, and I have concerns about my child’s development but I don’t know if it is autism. Where do I start?

The New Mexico Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program is a state and federally funded program for families whose child is under the age of three that has or is at risk for a developmental disability or delay to receive early intervention services. It is not necessary to determine a diagnosis or a delay prior to referral. Simply the fact that you or the family is concerned about the child’s development is enough to generate a referral.
For more information about the FIT Program, visit their website or call toll-free at 1-877-696-1472.

The Early Childhood Evaluation Program (ECEP) provides evaluations for children ages birth to three living in New Mexico. ECEP addresses concerns regarding developmental delay, complex medical conditions, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, behavioral/regulatory issues, and other specialized evaluation questions for very young children.
For more information please contact ECEP at: (505) 272-9846 or toll-free: 1-800-337-6076.

Autism Spectrum Evaluation Clinic at the CDD provides diagnostic evaluations for ASD or related conditions for children over the age of 3.
For other questions or resources related to a diagnosis of ASD, call the Autism Family and Provider Resource Team at (800) 270-1861 or (505)272-1852.

The Autism Programs Parent Home Training (PHT) is a no-cost, short-term educational program funded by the NM Department of Health. Families learn to help their child develop and gain new skills through individualized in-home consultation.
For more information about Parent Home Training, call (505) 272-4725 or 1-800-270-1861.

If your FIT providers or preschool program is seeking training or consultation specific to young children with autism, they can contact Project SET (Specialized Early Teaching). Project SET is a training and technical assistance program offered to professionals working with children with autism in early intervention programs or preschool programs throughout the state of New Mexico.
For information about Project Specialized Early Teaching call (505) 272-1852 or 1-800-270-1861.