New Home Visiting Managers

We’d like to welcome you to our ECECD-sponsored Home Visiting Community. We are here to support you, to answer any questions you have, and to provide a nurturing transition for you into your new role as an ECECD Home Visiting Program Manager. To help us serve you best and orient you to your new role, we would like to gather some basic information.

Please click on the “New Home Visiting Managers Info Submission Form” link below to complete the form with as much information as you have available. Once you have completed and submitted this form, the CDD/ECLN Home Visiting Consultant that is assigned as lead to your program will contact you to schedule a new Program Manager orientation and to share more information about the support that our team provides.

In addition, if you indicated that you will provide reflective supervision to Home Visitors or other Home Visiting staff, you will be assigned to a reflective call group. The facilitator of that group will contact you in order to give you more information about your assigned group, meeting time, etc.

We will also ensure that you are added to our Home Visiting email Listserv which will help you stay informed about events, updates and changes from ECECD, the ECSC Data Team and the CDD/ECLN Home Visiting Consultant Team.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact the CDD/ECLN Home Visiting Program Manager:

Bev Nagy, MA
Education and Outreach Manager
(505) 272-1926

New Home Visiting Managers Info Submission Form