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For Educators

Webinars and E-courses are routinely reviewed by Autism Programs’ faculty and staff to insure that current, evidenced based information is presented. Webinars include: “Preschool: Preparing and Understanding Behavior Needs”, “Tools for Working with Challenging Behaviors – Differential Reinforcements”, and “Data Collection for Busy Classrooms”.

Treatment Options for Adults with ASD

What is effective? Medical and Behavioral Treatments for ASD For more guidance about what interventions would be effective for your child with ASD, you might consider the following: What does the report from my child’s evaluation say? If the evaluation is recent (in the past year), you can refer to the list of recommendations from the evaluation team or from a qualified professional that knows you or your child. What do the therapeutic professionals that see myself or my child recommend? Do I know about Evidenced Based Practices? There are a number of strategies and approaches to treatment for individuals […]