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The Inside View: Meeting Community Needs Through Public Policy

Presenters: Elisheva Levin and NM State Representative Liz Thomson Host: Lauriann King Length: 26:45 Elisheva Levin speaks with New Mexico State Representative Liz Thomson about public policy in New Mexico. Please join us in this informative and in-depth discussion on ways to receive a diagnosis of ASD, existing services for those with ASD, the many resources available, and how to advocate and impact future services for person with ASD in New Mexico. Resources

The Inside View: Criando y Ensenando a Ser Independiente

Presentadoras: Sylvia Sarmiento and Teresa Campos Escuchen por ideas prácticas, basadas en la evidencia que son recomendadas para nuestras familias hispanas, que fomentan la independencia para habilidades de la vidia diaria en sus hijos/as con el diagnosis de Trastorno del Espectro de Autismo. Escuchen el Podcast por una Patóloga de Habla y Lenguaje y con una Especialista en Famila del Programa de Autismo y madre de 3 hijos con autismo. Teaching Independence (English Translation): Practical ideas from evidence-based practices, recommended for New Mexico hispanic families, that nurture and teach independence for daily living skills for their children diagnosed with Autism […]

The Inside View: Post-Secondary Opportunities

Presenters – Katie Stone and Daniel Eckman Host – Lauriann King Length – 28:44 In this podcast, Katie Stone and Daniel Eckman discuss post – secondary opportunities and resources for people on the Autism spectrum. Post-secondary refers to that critically important time in a person’s life when they have graduated high school, and are launching into adulthood. Choices made in this moment can direct a person’s lifetime. Join us in discussing the various options available during this transition. Resources

The Inside View: The Importance of Accessing the Community

Presenters: Kristina Martinez, Rhea Riley, and Lauriann King Host: Lauriann King Length- 18:18 Kristina Martinez talks with Rhea Riley and Lauriann King about how belonging in a community is a critical factor in quality of life, and a basic human right.  They discuss the barriers that individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families experience, and practical ideas for confronting these complex challenges.  We welcome you to join our podcast as we share our insights, experiences, and hope for a more inclusive society. Resources & References