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The Inside View: Autism and Employment

Presenters: Joshua Givens and Jennifer Sanchez Length: 20:12 In this segment Jennifer and Joshua discuss the experience of navigating the employment field while on the spectrum. Listen as they discuss job seeking, supports, and the hiring process as well as helpful insights to assist others on their journey into the workforce.

The Inside View: Disabled in Love

Presenters:  Jaime Campbell and Dr. Elisheva Levin Length: 30:20 Adults with disabilities are often treated as if they do not have the same desire for love and marriage that non-labeled people do. In this podcast, Inside View explores the world of love, sex, and marriage through the experiences of a married couple, both with significant disability. We discuss the extra issues that married people with disability face as a couple in a world that does not always respect the universal need for adult love and intimacy.