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The Inside View: Autism and the College Experience

Presenters: Michael Swalby and Jennifer Sanchez Length: 23:21 In this episode, Jennifer and Michael chat about the troubles and triumphs that come with the transition into higher education. They share their experiences on campus, the importance of a good support system, and some tips on making the process a little smoother.

The Inside View: Aging Parents

Presenters: Elizabeth Thomson and Lynette Torivio Length: 26:39 In this podcast, Lynette Torivio and Elizabeth Thomson speak candidly about death and steps they have taken to prepare for the continued care of their children on the spectrum when they are gone. Insights and resources shared will benefit caregivers as they navigate the difficult topic of death and dying. Visit the Office of Guardianship at https://www.nmddpc.com/guardianship_program