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The Inside View: The Power of Advocacy

Presenters: Sean King and Neil Rawley This podcast is a conversation with self-advocates that shows the power and importance of making your voice heard. Two self-advocates offer guidance on where to start your advocacy journey, and give opportunities for possible future participation in various advocacy training.

The Inside View: Family Perspectives on Employment

Presenters: Marcy Hintz and Daniel Ekma In this podcast, Marcy Hintz, School-to-Work Transition Program Manager at the Center for Development and Disability and Daniel Ekman Center for Self-Advocacy Program Manager at the New Mexico Developmental Disabilities Planning Council interview and discuss family perspectives on employment – specifically: Why the enthusiasm for employment? What are the fears and challenges families might have about employment? Ideas for first steps in the direction of preparing for a job at a young age and beyond. This podcast was adjusted from an online presentation format to a podcast format. Resources