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Educator Voices: Antecedent Interventions

Some evidence-based interventions are actually many interventions that work together to serve the same purpose. An example of that is antecedent Interventions which we will talk about today. Antecedent interventions are designed to alter the environment before a behavior occurs. Almost anything that prevents a behavior from happening is an antecedent intervention. Extinction Information Sheet Functional Communication Tip Sheet Prompting Information Sheet Antecedent Interventions Info Sheet

Educator Voices: Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Some Evidence Based Practices focus on the reduction or elimination of behaviors that interfere with a student’s ability to participate in school, home, and community settings.  Extinction is a strategy based on applied behavior analysis that is used to reduce or eliminate unwanted behavior. Extinction involves withdrawing or terminating the positive reinforcer that maintains an inappropriate interfering behavior.