Autism Portal provides resources, online training, and podcasts specific to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

My child was recently diagnosed with autism and I want to know how I can learn more about what autism is.

The Autism Programs at the Center for Development and Disability offers a variety of training throughout the state of New Mexico. The training team is composed of experts in the field of autism. Every year, the training team focuses on a specific region in the state. Most trainings are no cost for family members.
For the training calendar, go to The CDD Autism Site or call (800) 270-1861 or (505) 272-5304.

The Autism Programs also has online webinars and E-courses available.

The Autism Programs now offers online E-Courses that you may take at any time to gain more knowledge regarding topics focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder. The courses are presented in an interactive module that offers the user an opportunity to explore the topic through an instructor led facilitation of topic information, quizzes, resources and games. Certificates of completion with be provided upon successful conclusion of the course.

The UNM Center for Development and Disability has a specialized library with disability related books, videos, DVDs, journals available for the public.
For more information, visit the CDD Information Network Library Website:  or call (844) 231-5003.

There are many websites that can offer information about autism like the Autism Society of America, or Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks has several tool kits available on their website including a 100 Day Kit for families of children ages 4 and under to make the best possible use of the 100 days after their child’s diagnosis, and tool kits on other important topics such as adolescence, sleep issues, visiting the dentist, and blood draw tool kit. Parents might be careful in seeking information on the internet, because there might be websites that have information about interventions that are not research based and not proven to be effective for children with autism.

The Autism Programs have created many briefs on a variety of topics including visual supports, red flags, educational priorities and other topic areas. To access these briefs or for any other specific autism resources or information, you can contact the Autism Family and Provider Resource Team at (800) 270-1861 or (505) 272-1852.