The Inside View

The purpose of The Autism Program podcast series, “The Inside View,” is to offer practical solutions for everyday challenges for those in our community who want to learn more about autism spectrum disorder.

This year’s theme is: Accessing Community…Real Questions by Parents for Parents. Each month we will be offering audio podcasts ranging in length from approximately 15-25 minutes in length that are intended to engage the autism community on topics that connect with New Mexicans.

The Inside View: Post-Secondary Opportunities
Presenters - Katie Stone and Daniel Eckman Host - Lauriann King Length - 28:44 In this podcast, Katie Stone and ...
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The Inside View: The Importance of Accessing the Community
Presenters: Kristina Martinez, Rhea Riley, and Lauriann King Host: Lauriann King Length- 18:18 Kristina Martinez talks with Rhea Riley and ...
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The Inside View: Communication Tips in the Community
Presenters: Marci Laurel and Jayme Swalby Host: Lauriann King Length- 20:43 mins Jayme Swalby talks with Marci Laurel about ways ...
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The Inside View: The Importance of Family
Presenters: Lisa Kalburg, Amy Rodriguez Host: Lauriann King Length- 13:17 mins In this episode we'll discuss the variety of ways ...
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The Inside View: Establishing Healthy Routines
Length- 26:46 mins Children learn and develop in the context of their family and their family routines. Children with an ...
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The Inside View: Criando y Ensenando a Ser Independiente
Presentadoras: Sylvia Sarmiento and Teresa Campos Escuchen por ideas prácticas, basadas en la evidencia que son recomendadas para nuestras familias ...
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The Inside View: Meeting Community Needs Through Public Policy
Presenters: Elisheva Levin and NM State Representative Liz Thomson Host: Lauriann King Length: 26:45 Elisheva Levin speaks with New Mexico ...
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