The Inside View : Sharing Our Voices

The Inside View Podcast series offers insight into Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through the lens of those experiencing it; families, people with autism, and the New Mexico community. Each year, these insightful 15-25 minute audio podcasts follow a theme that takes each listener into a deeper dive of the world of autism.

Theme: Sharing Our Voices-Insights and Perspectives on Our Personal Experience of Autism.

The Inside View: The Power of Advocacy
Presenters: Sean King and Neil Rawley This podcast is a conversation with self-advocates that shows the power and importance of ...
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The Inside View: Family Perspectives on Employment
Presenters: Marcy Hintz and Daniel Ekma In this podcast, Marcy Hintz, School-to-Work Transition Program Manager at the Center for Development ...
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The Inside View: Later Autism Spectrum Diagnosis: One Adult’s Journey
Pat Osbourn, Associate Director of the Center for Development and Disability, interviews Dr. Levin, who will describe her journey to ...
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The Inside View: Navigating the Covid-19 Chaos
In this podcast, Marit Rawley and Kristen Red-Horse discuss the topic of Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis. The past year has ...
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The Inside View: A Journey to Self Love
Presenters: Marci Laurel and Rachel Pretlow Self-advocate Rachel Pretlow joins Marci Laurel to discuss learning how to love and embrace ...
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The Inside View: A Dive into Creativity as a Hobby
Shaun Hedrick, a talented young artist on the spectrum, who’s craft is photography, speaks with Dr. Michele Iemolo, a UNM ...
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The Inside View: Invisible Disabilities
The Autism Programs is proud to present A Perspective of Living with Autism - an Invisible Disability, which addresses various ...
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