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Autism Atlas – Navigating Relationships: From Friendships to Romance

The Autism Programs is pleased to announce our latest Podcast! Autism Rural Outreach Support & Training Podcast Series (formerly known as Autism Atlas), collaborated with Otero County Advocates for Developmental Disabilities to provide direct supports to their local community. Jayme Swalby, our facilitator led an informative conversation with panelists Thea Kavanaugh, Certified Health Education Specialist; Natalie “Nan” Kossar, Special Education Teacher; Michael Swalby, Self-Advocate; and Laurel Deans, Self-Advocate at the New Mexico DDPC Planning Council. Their discussion focuses on the need for understanding and appreciating the differences between friendships and romantic relationships. We are reminded that we are all sexual […]

Autism Atlas – Stress, Mental Health and Coping: Embracing community and finding understanding

The Autism Programs is pleased to announce our latest Podcast: Autism Atlas, which is in direct support and collaboration with the Deming, New Mexico community. Lyn Wilson-King, our facilitator, and the panel, Dr. Ann Branscum; counselor and social worker, Dana Demos-Curtis; and education and outreach manager, Lisa Kalberg share in a discussion that focuses on managing priorities by weighing what is most important for you and your child. Trusting instincts and trusting yourself is key when moving forward with balance for a family living with autism spectrum disorder. This group of professionals give us permission to seek the simple yet […]