The Inside View: Family Perspectives on Employment (Resources)

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Grace L. Francis, PhD, Judith M. S. Gross, PhD, Carlos E. Lavín, MA. Rural Special Education Quarterly. Facing Double Jeopardy: The Transition Experiences of Latina Family Caregivers of Young Adults With Disabilities Living in a Rural Community. First Published October 23, 2019

Family Transition Guide: an Online Guidebook. Available in English and Spanish. UNM Center for Development and Disability/Partners for Employment. 2020.

Otero County Advocates for Developmental Disabilities. Our mission is to empower/elevate individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities and their families/care givers through monthly educational workshops in independent living, life skills, employment support, self-advocacy, and family support.

PACER Center: The Pacer Center offers practical resources for families, educators, and self-advocates. Their “Student and Young Adults” page is written for young adults, linking them to resources on training and college, employment, independent living, assistive technology, and self-advocacy. – Getting Hired is a website for employers looking to hire people with disabilities, and job-seekers looking for inclusive employers. Hundreds of jobs are listed for locations right here in New Mexico!

New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation -

New Mexico Workforce Connection -