Educator Voices

The Educator Voices Podcast series provides discourse on evidence-based practices that support the education of students with autism spectrum disorder. Conversations include topics that directly relate to the everyday experiences of teachers, administrators, and other school staff members. Each episode is supported with available coaching and technical assistance provided through the NM PED Autism Project as well as online trainings available on the Autism Portal. For more information about the NM PED Autism Project please contact Patrick Blevins,

Educator Voices: Planning for Transition
Transition is a topic that is most often addressed when students are in middle school preparing for the transition to ...
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Educator Voices: 11 IEP Considerations for Students with ASD
The 11 IEP Considerations for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder help IEP teams consider some essential issues when developing an ...
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Educator Voices: Preference Assessment
It is important to think about how to determine what is actually reinforcing for students. In order for something to ...
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Educator Voices: Data Collection
Although teachers are required to collect data related to academic development as well as interfering behaviors, collecting information without using ...
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Educator Voices: Reinforcement
Reinforcements and rewards – what’s the difference and what’s the big deal? You may be aware that it involves giving ...
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