Autism Office Hours: Family Disaster Plan for Families Living with Autism

The Autism Programs is proud to share our current Webcast: Autism Office Hours, which addresses how to plan and have items you may need in the event of an emergency while being respectful of special considerations for our family members with autism. Please join our Facilitator, Jayme Swalby, as she has a conversation with Lisa McNiven with the New Mexico Governor’s Commission on Disability, Roselyn Cintron and Barbara Ibanez, Health Educators with the Autism Programs. This discussion focuses on addressing necessary advanced planning for families living with an individual diagnosed with autism. Preparation is key in the event of a disaster.  Learn how to have a conversation with your family that includes what is important for each individual member to take; listen and respect each other’s perspective. Take note and make a list of what is needed for your GO BAG. Be prepared and be safe.


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