Autism Office Hours: Social Distancing: What does it mean for Navajo families?

The Autism Programs is proud to present our latest Webcast: Autism Office Hours, which specifically addresses inquiries from our Native American communities. You will not want to miss this informative discussion from our amazing team of professionals. Facilitator, Jayme Swalby, Speech Language Pathologist, Christine Vining, Social Worker, Kristy Adakai-Tinney and Program Specialist, Lyn Wilson-King address inquiries from the Native communities and discuss the effects of social distancing, which is part of the new normal.  Listen to how the practice of social distancing may not be effective in all cultures and learn the reasons why in this informative webcast. This is an opportunity to grasp the real challenges that are part of a larger picture.  Tune in and learn how the lack of infrastructure for native communities makes it impossible to handle this nationally widespread virus.