Autism Office Hours: Decreasing Stress While Living With Autism and Social Distancing

Facilitator Jayme Swalby and her guests, Dr. Mary Beth Graham, Dr. Michelle Iemolo, Dr. Seema Jacobs and Occupational Therapist, Kristen Red-Horse discuss a common denominator that most families are facing in current times…stress exhibited while living with autism. A quote stated during the discussion sets the tone for this informative webcast – It’s not what’s wrong with you. It’s what’s happening to you.” We can relate to various stressors such as changes in routines, not being able to access therapies face-to-face, but most of all from feeling a loss of control and not knowing what the future holds. We can all take something meaningful from this enlightening webcast. The most important thing for our loved ones with autism is to engage together in family activities that are simple, light and fun for everyone.